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Cincinnati Headlamp Polishing

Are your headlamps cloudy and dull? Do you have a hard time seeing at night? GTC can help! Many newer vehicles are built with a composite or plastic headlamp lens. These lenses have many advantages.

1. They are more impact resistant than glass.
2. They can encapsulate more than one lamp.
3. They are light weight.

With all the advantages it is obvious why manufacturers use them. Their biggest flaw is that they cloud up. This is due to sun exposure, aging of the material, quality of the plastics and many little nicks that develop from normal usage.

We provide a service for this occurrence. It usually takes a half day to perform. We will lightly sand your lenses and re-polish them. This procedure can drastically improve your lamps ability to perform correctly. The fee for this service is $39.95.

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