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Cincinnati Auto Body Repair Popular Questions

At GTC we want our customers to be well informed. Here are some common questions people ask when involved in an accident.

Q-How many estimates do I need to provide?

A-You only need to provide one estimate for an insurance company. Most insurance companies that ask you to provide more than one estimate are just trying to get a better price and have you do all the leg work. Many insurance companies will write their own estimate of repairs. In most cases if the insurance estimate and the collision center's estimate differ, the repair facility will write a supplement to the insurance company for the amended items in question.

Q-Why do I have to pay a deductible if someone was at fault?

A-There are two possible reasons why this happens.

1-If the person that hits you is not insured, your insurance will cover it under the uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage sometimes carries a deductible to the owner of the car.

2-Another common reason for a deductible is if you report an accident to your insurance. Sometimes your insurance will step right up and pay to repair your vehicle, even if it was not your fault. They will charge you a deductible and usually reclaim it from the guilty party. The money will then be reimbursed to you.

Q-Can I choose where my car is repaired?

A-Yes, Insurance companies will pay to have your car repaired regardless of where you choose to take it. Many insurance companies will try to steer you to a preferred shop of theirs. Ultimately you make the decision. They can not tell where to take it.

Q-How do I obtain a rental?

A-Most insurance companies have contracts with rental car companies. They will arrange a rental on the date and time that you drop off your car. They bill the insurance company directly and you don't have to fuss with any of it. At GTC We are glad to help arrange rentals for our customers. As a convenience rentals can be dropped off at the shop when your repairs are complete. Just make sure that the fuel level in the rental is where it was when you received the car and the rental will be picked up by a rental representative.

Q-Will aftermarket parts be used in the repair of my car?

A-Check your policy. Most insurance policy's state very clearly what types of repair parts are to be used on your car. You may have to ask for a detailed explanation of benefits to obtain this information. Typically if your car is within three years old it will be repaired with new parts. Insurance companies do sell factory replacement part policies for people who don't want to chance having to use aftermarket parts in a repair of their vehicle.

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